Terms and Conditions

1.            I understand that I will be asked to raise sponsorship for Julian House and I that am not permitted to use any of the money I raise to pay for any expenses.
2.            All sponsorship money must be sent directly to Julian House by Friday 1st November 2019.
3.            I understand that significant parts of the route cross open farmland and participants should obey the Country Code and pay particular attention to:
• Closing any farm gates which are used
• Not interfering with crops or animals
• Taking litter home
• Keeping dogs on short leads and to clear up any mess
4.            I understand that I should be of reasonable health and fitness to undertake this event and agree that medical advice should be sought from my GP if I suffer from a medical condition that could be affected or if I am in any doubt as to my physical ability to participate in this event.
5.            I understand that if I am aged under 16 years I must have full parental consent to take part and I must be accompanied by a participating adult (over 18) who accompany me at all times during the event. This adult is also required to take part in the event.
6.            I understand that I must not be under the influence of intoxicating liquids or recreational drugs whilst taking part in the event.
7.            I authorise the use of any images/film featuring me captured during the event to be used by Julian House to help publicise future activities via websites, social media and in print.
8.            I understand that I should listen carefully to any information or instructions that event staff give, as they will also contact first aid support if I need help.
9.         I understand that limited parts of the route follow or cross public roads and extra care needs to be taken on these sections. 
10.          I understand that I should follow the route instructions carefully and advise checkpoint staff when I or my group have completed the planned route.

I confirm I have read and accept the terms and conditions stated.  I understand that I take part in this event at my own risk and acknowledge that Julian House does not accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to me or my property (however caused) incurred during participation in the Circuit of Bath Walk.